calligraphy teacher

Peiling Tsai, started her career as a graphic designer in a leading fashion forward department store in Taiwan since 2004. Peiling is specialized in visual display with her aesthetic, and graphics design.


She is also a self-taught graphic designer graduated from the department of mass communication and advertisement in NCCU, National Cheng-Chi University. Her training during college life focused on strategic thinking, marketing method and creativity, yet she was more attractive to doing art.

After years of being an in-house designer, Chinese calligraphy and seal carving seem to be the best way for her to communicate with the world. So she decided this new visual language to talk to and interact everyone.

暇瑕 /xiá xiá/ is the core of my studio, which represents “Perfect imperfections in life”. This to her, is the most beautiful thing we could learn from the universe as human beings, if it also rings you some resonance.

Nice to meet you. any requests, commissions, collaborations are welcomed.




Specialized in Chinese calligraphy. 

Reveals the evolution of Chinese culture.



Thinking about what is practical resolution for human beings through digital and hand crafted skill.


Travelling is the best way to create, so is doing feedback to the world.

EBIX welcomes all kinds of collaborations.