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- 2020 -


DIGEST_Fun Fact about being a Taiwanese

Digest is the interpretation of how to be a self-learning artist, if I constantly want to say something to the world. It is the process of learning traditional calligraphy writings, experimenting the new and minimizing it to the outside world. Peiling Tsai used the word of “Having-it-Here & Taking-away”as a metaphor of  my learning and transforming the art. I see calligraphy writings and seal carving as a language and a medium to communicate to the world, as long as it is readable to anyone.


I created a series of seal carvings of take-away foods, typical, iconic Taiwanese night market foods , such as,  Xiao-Long-Bao, Bubble-Teas, and Deep-Fried-Chickens, etc. These foods are very well known from Taiwan, and each of them represents the spirit of Taiwanese fast foods, also represents the spirits of how Taiwanese adopt themselves under a fast paced changing world.  This series is my second awareness project from “food and human beings ”as well. 

Please welcome! Huan-ying-guang-lin, bon appetit!

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