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☽☾日日是好日--時光寶盒刻印店快訊 ☽☾ Vol.1

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

🥠 日日是好日 🥠



福德正神 土地公生 尾牙 annual feast


Let's start from the wrap ...

Jan. 7th in 2023 is Dec. 16th in Tiger year of Lunar calendar. On this day, we would have "刈 or "潤餅 aka spring roll" to wrap up all the fortunes we earned for the past of the year.

Bao in a traditional wet market in Taiwan
刈包 BAO

BAO is a wallet-like steam bun, representing a prosperous bag. Therefore, it's always a good meaning in Taiwanese traditional cuisine culture. From this day on, business owners would also throw year-end parties for their staffs.

This day is also the birthday of a god called 「土地公 aka Tudi Gong」, which is considered a most generous and kind god in Taoism.

Readymade spring roll on the day of 12/16th.
潤餅 Spring Roll

I think it would be interesting to share some fun facts about the specific dates and traditions happening in Taiwan.

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☽☾日日是好日--時光寶盒刻印店快訊 ☽☾ 快訊將不定期分享與傳統時節相關的文化、書法、文字故事 感謝您的關注與訂閱 Copyrights Reserved. ©

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