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Updated: Apr 8




福德正神 土地公生 尾牙 annual feast



【Calligraphy wiriting】

  • Have you ever wondered why there are tiny strings in calligraphy writing?

  • How and what make these strokes look so powerful?

  • Is there any orders in calligraphy world?

When we write, we tend to extend the strength of each strokes,

and move on to the next one.

By your habitual use of tools and brushes, and your dominant hands, each strokes can reveal a personal handwriting. Then, it forms a personal style.

Therefore, we could learn that,

"Fluent writing style 行書"is a way of a person's artistic way of calligraphy writings.

So, whenever you write or draw, please feel how you use your tools and brushes.

This is the unique traces of you.

They will change from time to time by you, and your recognition of sense.

This is also why calligraphy master works are so fascinating till today!

; )

Further readings

about calligraphy exhibition

at the moment in National Palace Museum in Taiwan: room 204, room 206

Come visit NPM, if you ever travel in Taiwan!



  • Why arm binding in ASANA?

It's actually pretty challenging when you are trying to lift your chest up

and binding your arms together at the same time, right?

Yet, it shows so much confidence and strength with a pose, asana like this.

For me, I do this before arm biding:

  1. Firstly, I make sure my lower base is solid.

  2. Exhale, center my lower core. Hold my ribs in.

  3. Inhale, open up my chest to the ceilings, LET THE CONFIDENCE OUT.

  4. Expand my shoulders and arms to the back of my body.

  5. Most of important thing is, if I can, I try arm binding. If I can't that day. I let go. :)

  6. Just give in. Thus, you'll feel much easier later on.

May you a well balance day!

Peiling from Ebixcalligraphy

See you on the mat, on the paper, on the internet.


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