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☽☾Focal & Anchor points--EBIX calligraphy☽☾

Updated: Apr 25




If you have a name seal, and wondering how to stamp and sign your art,

please read the article.

雙面印章 暇瑕寫字 時光寶盒刻印店 文字快訊



【Seal Carving & its meaning】

  • 去蕪 _to get rid of excess

  • 留真 _and leave what really matters


Triangle as a strong visual stucture.

Okay, so I have this seal to stamp on my just-finished-art. But where and how should I know to put it at the "right place"? I guess most of people must have thought about it.

Usually, if you have one name seal to stamp, it will attached to the end of your creation. But if you want to pair more seals onto the arts, here's some tips that I hope it works for you.:)

Firstly, if you put your art, whether it's calligraphy writings or a painting on the wall within a proper distance. You'll probably notice that, your whole creation is "usually" in the center of the panel. Then, you'll also start to search for "the guide lines" and "the anchor points" to locate your sights. Once you find the spot, it is where to put the seal on. In other words, we tend to search something to guide our eyes when we are looking at at someone's art, so that we won't get lost in it. Now that we have focal point which can be our art, and anchor points to lead the audience's eyes to "read" our own creations.

Take calligraphy writing for examples, the black strokes usually floating in the center on the white panel, so we need few spots to maintain the balance between black and white. Otherwise, our eyes could be messed up by the powerful strokes and brushes marks. Anchor points can be a guide here as an invisible triangle and as a visual balance to the art, when we place the stamps on. (see the picture above) Each anchor has their own function. It goes as leading stamp, lower corner/center stamp, and your name seal as an ending, so that the reading process will be fluent. The leading stamp is where to start to read the calligraphy writings. The lower corner/center stamp is to make a balance and a pause for our eyes to rest. Lastly, the name seal is where to sign your name on, or to sign off more details, such as dates, the reason why, and to whom you are writing this piece.

But, there is no absolute right way to decide where to put the seals on. It's only about how you want the audience to see your creation. It is where the visual balance taking place and to form a harmonious interaction between you and your audiences. So the best policy is that, we might want to get rid of excess and unnecessary stuff, and just leave what matters to the art.

In conclusion,

☯️ We should be a good tour guide. ⚓️

Further thinking,

Do we have anchor points in our body?

How do we work with it?


May you a well balance day!

Peiling from Ebixcalligraphy

See you on the mat, on the paper, on the internet.


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