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☽☾The Tools--EBIX yoga calligraphy☽☾




If you are a painter, artist who create heavily by hands, please read this article.

福德正神 土地公生 尾牙 annual feast



【Seal Carving & its meaning】

  • 無畏印 Abhayamudrā_the gesture of protection

  • 與願印 Varadamudrā_the gesture of giving

I found few Buddha mudrā seals that I created few years ago on the shocking earthquake happened last week (2024/04/03) in Taiwan, whilst cleaning some damages in the studio.

One is 無畏印 Abhayamudrā, aka the gesture of protection, peace, and releasing the fears. The other one is 與願印 Varadamudrā, aka the gesture of giving, generosity, and fulfilling the boons and vows. On the physical term, I do need to stretch my hands to create. On the spiritual term, I could use some mudrā to meditate since the earthquake did provoke some fears inside of my past experience.

These two hand gestures are both requiring a wrist stretching, which could help to release the tension of our fingers, wrists and arms. So I figure that you'd probably like to try few simple hand stretching as the video below:

Hope you enjoy it. and feel the release of your hands.

Thus, we have powerful tools(our bare hands) to create!


【YOGA & body awareness】

  • Finger, palm, and wrists relax to build a stronger hand grips.

If you are a painter, illustrator, artist who heavily create by hands, please read this article.

In a modern days, office workers type by hands in a quirky angle, artists use their hands to dominate the tools and brushes to paint or write, chefs carry heavy knifes repeatedly cutting materials, and maybe we take lots of heavy loading exercises, like handstand, playing the tennis, golfing, etc..

Take me for example, I am a right handed artist who carve stones in my daily basis.

So I have stronger muscles on my right hand than the left one. Therefore, I definitely need more extension exercises with my fingers, palms, and wrist stretching to balance both of my hands. These tiny practicing are just to build the body awareness and flexibility, they can also reduce the harmful damages if we put our body in a weird positions in a very long time.

Please feel free to let me know if this works out for you! :)

  1. Firstly, stretch the fingers and palm.

  2. Repeatedly to bend and extend the wrist. (press the muscles of your thumb)

  3. Curl the fingers till the hand becomes a fist.

  4. Slowly open and release each fingers,

  5. and feel the relax of your hands.

  6. Do it daily, the hands would become much flexible.

May you a well balance day!

Peiling from Ebixcalligraphy

See you on the mat, on the paper, on the internet.


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