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Updated: Jun 7




If you have a cinnabar paste on your hands, this is a must read.

the story of a seal and mandarin character



【Seal Carving & its meaning】

  • 悅己 /yue ji/_as you like it to be

People often ask about what kind of color of cinnabar paste to choose when their arts are done and are about to put their very first seal on.

My answer is always, "choose whatever you like, but choose a good one".

A good quality of cinnabar paste can last for very long time without losing its hue.

Cinnabar paste is usually called ”印泥“ /yÌn nÍ/, which is a muddy color dough put in a ceramic case. The ingredient of cinnabar paste is mixed with mogwort fibers, oil, color pigments and cinnabar, etc.

So, the color can be different from orange tone to crimson or even to very dark purplish red, like it oxidized by time. The price also changes depends on the ingredient and how much cinnabar in it. My last big purchase on the paste was 150g for 6000NTD, around 185-ish USD. The price goes higher and higher every year after covid. SInce it can last longer if preserved well, it is really an investment for artists who use rather traditional materials, like ink painting, etc.

I personally like to use more saturated vivid paste on my painting, and dark tone on the writings. How about you?


Here is the video that I recorded during 2020, just to share with people to take care the paste daily and "active" their very first ”印泥“.

To keep it fresh, please stir it from time to time for its consistence.

Hope this helps at least for a clue.

Let me know i you still have anything to ask about the paste, or the stationery.

cheers! :)


  1. use the stick to pick all ingredient up

  2. try to gather and start stirring

  3. make sure no fibers are pull off

  4. keep stir the dough till a ball shape

May you a well balance day!

Peiling from Ebixcalligraphy

See you on the mat, on the paper, on the internet.


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