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☽☾GROUNDING--EBIX yoga calligraphy☽☾

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¿¿¿ DO YOU KNOW ???

Carving a seal is actually applying the technique of lever rule?

雙面印章 暇瑕寫字 時光寶盒刻印店 文字快訊



【Seal Carving & its meaning】

  • 定心 _to ground and to anchor

seal-carving technique

Do you know that carving a seal is applying the technique of lever rule?

Like opening a can with an old school can opener, we use the chisel to carve into the stone. Fun part here is not how much strength you hold the chisel with the fingers, but instead, it's how much strength you can balance between the stone and your arm. The beauty of seal-carving lays in each time the stone collapses and its carving marks. Concentration makes it a good art.

I carved this seal to remind myself that even though things can seem to be all over the place.

I still have the ability to ground, feeling down to earth. Activate the core, regain the focus, and balance on different level of life tasks.


the force to be stable
the lever rule / 身體的槓桿原理

. -

【YOGA & body awareness】

  • There are three kinds of strength and forces that we can build and feel stable at the same time while we try to balance:

  • Core strength to focus and stabilize the body

  • Leg extension for balancing the weight, and

  • The force of grounding down-to-earth to build a strong basement.

The above video is the practice of Warrior 3 (without extending my both hands out) to Half-moon pose then to single leg balance. I move slowly yet perform better when the lever arms are equal and centralized at the same time.

As you can see, the silhouette is very much like the crane/ 🏗. Yes, it is also the lever rule. Our body moves and performs in various perspectives because of the cooperation of muscles strength, bones and the joints mobility. If we would like to increase the mobility of certain joints, we first train the muscles around it. By training and building the stability of the muscles, we don't cause compensation and unnecessary injuries.

Plus, it save much strength to confront the weight!

Doing balancing poses or Warriors 3, requires a firm and solid base, like a tree roots deeply. My left leg in the video becomes the base and the fulcrum. The more strength of rooting and grounding of my left leg, the more stable I can balance on my upper body and my right leg (the lever arm and the weight).

In conclusion,

⚓️ We ground, so that we balance in different way. ⚖️


May you a well balance day!

Peiling from Ebixcalligraphy

See you on the mat, on the paper, on the internet.


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